Danish commas made easy!

Do you find the Danish comma rules tricky? Then Kommaforslag can help!

This program will add missing commas in your Danish texts and offer advice on superfluous ones as well. Kommaforslag classifies comma errors into over 30 different categories, and can therefore provide targeted explanations and examples for each suggestion. In addition, explanations are also available for most existing, correct commas. For more information on comma types and errors, please see our Danish comma manual.

A colour scheme is used to distinguish between obligatory and optional commas, and it is possible to hide the latter, of so desired. This also allows the distinction between "Nyt komma" and "Grammatisk komma", two Danish punctuation conventions that mostly differ in whether or not subclauses get an opening comma.

  • Det kan være farligt 
    Before subclauses
    for når der er pålandsvind 
    After subclauses
    slår bølgerne op over molen.
  • Det er din egen skyld 
    With direct speech
    bemærkede hun.
  • Vi kan ikke anerkende denne undskyldning 
    With relative clauses
    som vi i øvrigt har hørt mange gange før.

Kommaforslag runs online in your browser, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs, on a variety of different platforms. All kinds of texts are handled, and you can copy-paste existing text into the program window without losing formatting information.

You get a high-quality tool based on many years of university-level research and development. Correction suggestions are very reliable and build on a deep grammatical analysis of your sentences.

Single-user subscriptions1 start at DKK 32,- (EUR 4.50) per month. For an institutional or company license, or to get a free trial period, please contact us. For teaching purposes, contact Vitec MV. There is free access for employees and students at SDU (University of Southern Denmark).

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  3. Family license may be shared within a household. Max 5 devices may be logged in to an account at any one time.
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  5. Simultaneous subscriptions to more of our services (RetMig, Kommaforslag, Commatizer, Kommatroll) earn a discount, as does multi-user subscriptions.

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